Noticed the rise in criminal activity and specific threats to safety in recent times? This has made the work that security and protection officers do necessary now more than ever. One of the key players in the guarding and safety of individuals and organisations is Close Protection officers.

The responsibilities of Close Protection Officers or bodyguards go far beyond what you see portrayed in dramatic Hollywood depictions. Yes, they do provide a high level of Close Protection Security to VIPS, celebrities, executive protection and other clients. But in its true meaning, what is Close Protection Security?

And more importantly, how can Close Protection Security benefit you as an individual, and/or your business?

Rock Security Solutions have years of experience on the ground, protecting some of the most recognisable people in the world. We are one of the most reputable close protection security companies in the private security industry with a wealth of operational and management experience in our repertoire. We are confident in protecting our clients in any role and any industry, in the UK and further afield.

In this article, we will be explaining the work that we do in-depth, beginning with answering the big question “What is Close Protection Security?” We’ll provide you with everything you need to know about close security and how it plays a huge role in your overall safety status and security measures.

What is Close Protection Security?

The general idea of it is bodyguards trailing after a person to keep them safe from any potential threats of any kind. But in truth, it goes far beyond that.

Close Protection Security involves the provision of services including but not limited to personal protection, physical security, risk assessments, emergency care, surveillance, security chauffeurs, and locational security. Close Protection operatives, also known as CPOs or bodyguards, are highly trained, specialist security officers recruited by private security companies to keep specific people safe from physical harm, unwelcome attention, and other risks and threats to their privacy and safety. Our CPO's have the highest close protection training and attend the latest training courses.

These close security services are oftentimes solicited by and necessary to the following people for the guaranteed protection of their persons, families, businesses, and political or financial interests:

Royal families;


Politicians, dignitaries, and diplomats;

Music, film, TV, or sports celebrities and their families;

High profile individuals attending potentially dangerous or hostile places;

Journalists covering controversial stories;

Barristers, Judges and sometimes members of a Jury; and

Other high-profile celebrities and media personalities.

What Close Protection Officers Do.

The work done by CPOs can be summarized as keeping clients safe. But in true assessment, what Close Protection Officers do is a lot more in-depth than that. CPOs perform a wide range of tasks and daily duties that range from project management, strategic planning, conflict management, safeguarding property, tactical driving, and sometimes, providing emergency first aid treatment.

A lot of comprehensive planning and foresight goes into every task. So when you see an individual being escorted by Close Protection VIP Security, it is much more than just the bodyguard’s presence that is at play in that moment.

The Benefits of Hiring Close Protection Security.

Now that we’ve answered the question “What is Close Protection Security?” and explored what CPOs do, let’s take a look at what you stand to gain from employing a Bodyguard Security service.

Reduced threats of attack or injury.

Prevention of life-threatening situations.

Provision of a mental sense of safety.

Safeguarding your assets and valuables.

Crowd dispersal.

Access to the expertise of highly trained and experienced personnel.

24/7 availability of help when needed.

The Best Security Company for Close Protection UK.

At Rock Security Solutions Ltd, we provide bespoke Close Protection Security services to our clients. This means that our security processes and preparations are designed to identify your specific security requirements and maintain utmost integrity and discretion while fulfilling them. This is what makes us the Best Close Protection Service in the UK to suit your needs.

Our bespoke protection services include:

Close Protection and Bodyguard VIP Protection Services.

Residential Security and Asset Protection.

Critical National Infrastructure Security Services.

TV and Film Production Security.

UK Drone Security and Surveillance Services.

As a company that believes in excellent standards, we are an SIA Approved Contractor and hold ACS approval for the provision of Door Supervision, Security Guarding and Close Protection services.

So Contact Us Today for a detailed discussion about your Close Protection Security needs and our highly professional team will be happy to help.

There are many key factors to think of when planning any sort of event with a crowd. One key factor to consider is event security, including the number of security guards needed for proper security and crowd control.

What is Event Security?

Event security is a service that is provided to deliver safe and secure events at various venues. Private security companies usually provide security for events, sometimes working with local or national government agencies.

Some of the common types of event security include:

General Guards;



Crowd Control;

Mobile Patrol; and

Armed Guards.

So when holding events such as concerts, parties, rallies, festivals, etc, you will have some questions. So, “How many security guards will you need to make the right security to guest ratio for your event?”

The right answer(s) to this question will largely depend on the size of the event. This post will examine how many security guards per person are needed for different event/crowd sizes in the UK.

Some attributes to look for when choosing a security service for your upcoming event include:

How Many Security Guards per Person Event UK: Small to Medium Sized Events.

The general rule of event security is that for every 100 people, you should have at least 1 security guard. Therefore, if what you are holding is a smaller event, this does not necessarily mean that you need fewer security guards. For small-medium events and those outdoors, multiple security guards are recommended.

These guards will be essential to control entry and exit, especially if there will be numerous entry and exit points. With crowd control it is important to have security personnel present at events to help with crowd control. For every 100 attendees, you should have 1-2 security personnel on hand.

Also, with events that have no pre-set guest list (e.g. music shows, concerts, etc), you may need to plan for extra security in case more guests show up than originally planned.

How Many Security Guards per Person Event UK: Large-Scale Events.

Event security and crowd control at larger events certainly need bigger investments. With large crowds, the risk of things getting out of control is always high. And this is so regardless of the kind of event or setting. If you don't have enough security, you could have a lot of legal problems, especially if people get hurt.

For large-scale events, you should consult with a professional security company to determine the appropriate level of security. How many security guards will you need? Will you need armed personnel? Will there be VIPs or high-value assets present at the venue for which special close protection will be required?

There are events where volatile situations can easily arise. For instance, a festival in which alcohol is being consumed. Security guards may also need to be stationed within the crowd to spot these volatile situations and defuse them quickly.

Lastly, it is a good idea to consider whether your security guards should be uniformed or stationed in plain clothes. For a strong, open show of authority to deter misbehaviour, uniformed security is best. For more dignified events, uniformed guards may cast too harsh of an impression on the guests. Instead, plain clothes event security would be more advisable.

Qualities of the Right Professional Event Security Company.

We have answered “How many security guards per person event UK”. Now, here are 5 fundamental attributes you should look out for when choosing a security service for your event.

Qualified and Licensed Security Guards.

A good professional security service would only employ fully qualified and licensed security guards. In addition, thorough evaluations would be put in place to ensure that these security guards have all the necessary certifications. In this way, the security service can guarantee the best level of protection for all kinds of events.

Regional Experience

The best event security service you can choose will have a reputable history of serving in your region. This is what will guarantee that the guards understand the unique concerns particular to your locale.

A versatile service in the UK that has provided security services to homes, businesses, and the government. This type of service will be the most capable of offering premium protection for different kinds of events.


A reputable security company will always charge you a reasonable fee for their service and will meet all your expectations adequately.

Wide Service Variety

Your event may need more than just stationed guards to ensure its full safety and security. Thus, a security service that offers a wide variety of services is essential when choosing your event security. This kind of company will be able to handle all the event security requirements that are specific to your event.

The Best Company for Event Security UK

Rock Security Solutions Ltd are a reputable security company with almost a decade of experience. We are one of the best event security companies in the UK. We have a wealth of event and management experience in our repertoire. We are confident in providing the best bespoke event security to our clients for all types of events.

What makes us the Best Event Security Service in the UK? Our security processes are designed to identify your specific event security needs and meet them with integrity and discretion.

We also offer a wide variety of bespoke services which include:

Residential Security and Asset Protection.

Close Protection and Bodyguard VIP Protection Services.

Critical National Infrastructure Security Services.

TV and Film Production Security.

UK Drone Security and Surveillance Services.

We are an SIA Approved Contractor and ACS Approved Provider of Door Supervision, Security Guarding, and Close Protection services.

Contact Us Today for a professional consultation about your Event Security and Crowd Control needs. One of our highly professional team will be happy to provide you with everything that you need.

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