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Close Protection operatives are also known as bodyguards. Close protection units are highly trained, specialist security personnel which keep clients safe from physical harm, unwanted contact and continually assess and react to any potential threats. Rising crime rates, the pace of technological change and high levels of global uncertainty have increased the need for protection services around the world.

Why choose Rock Security as your close protection company?

Our close protection operatives have years of experience in protecting business leaders, high-net-worth individuals, high-profile public figures and families. We provide a bespoke, structured and round-the-clock personal protection service started from a detailed threat and risk assessment. Our processes are designed around our clients specific requirements whilst maintaining the utmost integrity and discretion.
Our reputation is held in high regard throughout various industries. It continues to strive and is complimented by our professional and knowledgeable teams.
Your team have been outstanding in achieving the goals set and thoroughly professional at all times. We look forward to continue working with you in the future.
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Our industry is filled with rogue private security companies and bodyguard services. We believe in adopting the highest possible standards within the security industry, from training and operations, to the structure and delivery of our services. Our close protections service operatives include ex special forces & law enforcement who are screened and vetted to BS 7858:2019 by our NSI gold accredited screening partners. All our close protection officers hold advanced first aid & medical qualifications.
We are proudly an Security Industry Authority (SIA) approved contractor -

Executive and VIP Security Services

Our Close Protection and Security Services:

Hire Bodyguard
Private Residential Security
Close protection in London
Celebrity Close Protection
Executive and VIP security services

Bodyguard Personal Protection

Keeping you safe with discretion and dignity. Our personal bodyguards UK have the highest levels of vetting and accreditation in the security industry so you can have total trust that we will keep you and your family safe. We continually review and refine our security support in line with our client’s needs and expectations.
We have years of experience and uphold the strictest standards in the industry. Our Personal Bodyguards are trained to provide proactive protective surveillance as well as reactive. Our security personnel pride themselves on their discretion and we all understand each client has unique requirements.

Private Residential Security

Shielding what is valuable to you. We understand that physical assets hold sentimental and momentary value. We work with you to gain a full, confidential understanding of your assets. We will then complete an in-depth risk assessment before creating a bespoke plan to meet your needs.
When it comes to the security of your home, or any of your high value assets, you can be sure our highly-skilled and experienced teams are keeping you and your belongings safe and secure

Close protection in London

Keeping your safe in the capital. According to Metropolitan Police figures, London is suffering from a rising crime rate, including thefts, knife killings and violent attacks. Criminals are working smarter and increasingly targeting high net worth individuals, including business leaders, celebrities and VIPs.
We have years of experience keeping our clients safe and secure in London. We will risk assess, pathfind and pre vet locations and have in depth knowledge of high risk areas and methods used by criminals in the capital.

Celebrity Close Protection

Safety, Discretion and Confidentiality. We have years of experience of Celebrity Close protection and we understand that discretion and protection from unwanted eyes are critical.
Our security personnel are under the strictest NDAs and understand to offer tailored protection you may need to disclose personal issues. On top of protecting you from threats our celebrity bodyguards protect your confidentiality.

Executive and VIP security services

Protecting your businesses most important asset. Our VIP security service will work with you to identify threats, understanding your requirements, travel routes and residence. Our expert VIP security team are trained in overt and covert protection. Together we will create a security plan that works around your requirements and minimises disruption to your key operations and daily life.


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