Critical National Infrastructure Security Service

What is critical national infrastructure?

Critical national infrastructure are the facilities, systems, physical sites, people, and processes that are necessary for keeping a country going. They are the sites on which daily life of a country’s citizens depend. Some sites may pose a security risk or danger to the public, like nuclear and chemical sites.
The UK has 13 different critical national infrastructure sectors, Chemicals, Civil Nuclear, Communications, Defence, Emergency Services, Energy, Finance, Food, Government, Health, Space, Transport and Water.
critical infrastructure uk security service

Critical Infrastructure UK Security Service

Protection of National Infrastructure. We are critical infrastructure security specialists and understand the unique challenges that come with working in the sector.
Our ex-military and special forces team have a breath of experience working in remote areas protecting critical assets. Before we start working a full site survey and risk assessment is undertaken before the implementation of access control tactics, deterrent methods and health and safety procedures.
To ensure a safe and secure site. We provide a detailed plan of our proposed work before getting started, and we regularly review and adjust our service to match your goals and expectations. We understand that there is no room for error in critical infrastructure security. Rock security use drones and other latest tech innovations to protect your assets 24/7 across any distance.

Our team have experience in the most remote areas on earth. Rock Security can operate in:
Transport and Water stations
Nuclear Power Stations
Energy Plants and national grid infrastructure

We understand every sector has unique bespoke requirements. Some have added security concerns, dangerous materials, transportation requirements and high level security clearance. Our frontline operatives are screened and vetted by our NSI gold accredited screening partners to ensure they meet the BS 7858:2019 standards.

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Site Security & Construction Site Security

Rock Security Solutions have experience providing site security across the UK. Our teams work with some of the most recognisable industrial, construction and factory sites in the country, providing a full range of site security services.

Our site security teams are fully dedicated to ensuring the highest level of security under every circumstance. Whether its permanent site security, weekend, evenings or for single events. Our SIA licensed teams have worked under some of the most challenging circumstances around the world. They are fully trained to respond to any situation or threat in a calm, efficient and professional way.

We work closely with your team to understand your specific site security requirements. We will create bespoke plans which we adjust and review to ensure you're getting the security you need. Our front-line operatives use the latest site security solutions and security systems to provide real time monitoring of your site.

Construction site security monitoring

With onsite theft on the rise, construction site security has become more critical than ever, figures from the UK police state that tool theft alone from construction sites costs contractors around £95 million per year.

On top of tool thefts, threats include loss of machinery, vandalism, arson, workers possessions and potential loss of life if trespassers get into the wrong area. These disruptions can cause significant delays and create sizeable financial loss for developers. 

Our construction site security guards provide comprehensive construction site security packages. We provide cost efficient, professional security solutions to accommodate all budgets.
Rock Security have deployed safe and effective security services on construction sites across the UK. We work hand in hand with technology like CCTV, barriers, entry access and even 24/7 Drone surveillance.

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Our building site security services include:

CCTV monitoring
Monitor access control
Construction site security patrols
Alarm systems and rapid response
K9 security services
Drone Surveillance

Get in touch with us today to discover why we're the Construction site security company of choice for the industry.

K9 Security Services & Dog Handler Security

Rock Security Solutions can also provide K9 Guard Dog Security to protect residential or commercial sites. Our k9 security dogs are trained to the highest standards to respond to threats only. Canine handler units provide a powerful deterrent to any trespasser and offer a rapid defence to any threat.
k9 dog security for events

K9 Dog Security for Events

If you need extra security for your event, festival, or site? Our k9 security dog teams are trained to search people for explosives, drugs, and other substances. 

They can support static security at access points and even be attached to mobile response units. As with all of our services we work hand in hand with you to create a bespoke and individualised plan that matches your needs and prioritises your events security, safety, and comfort.

K9 Site Security

German Shepherd K9 Patrol units can be used to enhance any private residential or commercial premises from unwanted guests. They provide a visible deterrent against potential threats, crime, or privacy breaches. K9 security dog patrol units are trained to search properties, buildings, and people, and can cover greater distances in less time.

They can be used to supplement security officers or reduce the number of them due to their cost effectiveness. In residential properties they are trained as family protection dogs, trained to react to threats to you and your loved ones.

asset protection security services

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