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August 22, 2022

The security industry can be a hard place to navigate. That's why we want to be as transparent as possible as well as providing customers with as much information as we can on security services in general.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we have:

What does a close protection officer do?

The mission of every close protection officer is to provide security and protection to someone or something from theft, injury, harassment or harm. Close protection offers protect not only individuals and their families but also their property and personal possessions. They are highly trained specialists who can identity and react to any would be threat.  

Can drones be used for security? 

Absolutely! Drones not only can be used for security, but Drones offer a powerful upgrade to ground based physical security operatives. They can fly over large areas quickly, detect and identify and help assess threats and provide invaluable intelligence through aerial photos and real time video.  

Why is critical infrastructure security important? 

Critical infrastructure security is important because it protects, systems, locations and services that are critical to the continuing safety and way of life of a society. There are several sectors critical to society, these are energy, transport, communication, financial services, and food supply chains.  If any of these sectors are disrupted it can cause untold damage to society and the economy at large. 

What is security asset protection? 

Assets are not just valuable things or persons but can include property that has untold sentimental value or a legacy. Some items are passed down through generations and become core components of a business or family identity. Think of the damage that could be done if some of our most beloved brand recipes were compromised. Asset security protection ensures your physical assets are protected by trained professionals using the latest technology to assess and neutralise threat of theft, compromise or arson.  

What kind of people need bodyguards? 

Anyone with a heighted public or threat profile, where there is a heightened danger of theft or harm. These could include very wealthy individuals, CEOs and business executives, celebrities or public figures, targets of media attention or those involved in legal cases, those involved in dangerous domestic situations and even international travellers moving through dangerous parts of the world.  

How do you get VIP security? 

VIP security services are open to anyone that needs and can pay for the service. One of the most important things to consider is the level of potential threat and the accreditations, training and reputation of the company you use. Rock security solutions have provided VIP security for some of the most recognisable people one earth and we are an SIA approved contractor, which means you’ll be protected by seasoned operatives that have been trained to the highest standards. 

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