Our Services

Tailored to meet individual needs.

Close Protection

Keeping you safe with discretion and dignity. We have specific experience in protecting business leaders, high-net-worth individuals, high-profile public figures and families. 

We provide a bespoke, structured and round-the-clock service initiated from a detailed threat and risk assessment. We have the highest levels of vetting and accreditation in the security industry meaning you can trust us to keep you and your family safe without interfering in everyday life. We continually review and refine our security support in line with our client’s needs and expectations.

Events & TV Productions

We see things differently. Vast experience in the military and public services means you can trust us to plan our security activity with precision and spot hazards and risks before you do. 

We work with you before, during and after your event to ensure everything runs smoothly and our presence is effective and professional. We work with live sporting events, TV production companies and bespoke event organisers, ensuring activity is safe, compliant and successful. As an integral part of a team around any event, effective communication and collaboration is second nature to us.

Residential Security & Asset Protection

Shielding what is valuable to you. We understand that physical assets hold sentimental and momentary value. We work with you to gain a full and confidential understanding of your assets, completing an in-depth risk assessment before creating a bespoke plan to meet your needs.

 Whether it is your residential estate or an individual item of significant value, you can be safe in the knowledge that our highly-skilled and experienced teams are keeping your assets safe and secure.

National Infrastructure & Site Security

Protecting commercial land and property. We are specialists in providing security services for energy plants, construction sites, commercial property and areas of land, utilising dedicated and experienced teams. 

A full site survey and risk assessment is undertaken before the implementation of access control tactics, deterrent methods and health and safety procedures to ensure a safe and secure site. We supply a full itinerary of our proposed work before getting started and, when commissioned, we regularly review and refine our service in line with your goals and expectations.

Ready for Action?

Take your security to the next level and get in touch with us at Rock Security Solutions.
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