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What is drone security?

Drone technology has been developing at a rapid pace and we're now at a point where the new models are able to offer 24/7 drone surveillance. This is causing a huge revolution in the security industry, as high-end security services like Rock security can offer aerial support to complement our traditional ground-based security services.

The use of drones for security surveillance brings new tactical flexibility to security operatives and provides an effective deterrence against security threats. They can be used to protect people and property at events and in commercial and residential settings.

A security drone system is similar to a CCTV system, but the mobility and aerial view of a drone allow it to see further and react faster to any situation. When our drone security services are combined with our security operatives, the result for our clients is better safety and security.

How can drones improve security?

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or Drones are already deployed in the most forward-looking security systems around the world. Drones can launch from their nests, run repeated missions, capture aerial footage of the assets, and return to their nests to charge and prepare for the next mission.

Security drones can patrol greater distances while offering faster response to incidents, real-time awareness to the central command, live video feeds to remote operatives, while complementing and enhancing traditional security services. their mere presence offers an effective deterrence to potential unfriendly elements.

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Why Rock Drone Security Systems?

24/7 Drone Surveillance

Our Security patrol drones are on patrol 24/7. Our aerial drones are always on, always on duty, always alert to any potential threat within their patrol area. Our drones can be deployed with thermal cameras which provide total night surveillance to our security teams ensuring maximum reaction to any potential high-risk situation.

Rapid Autonomous Deployment

Using their advanced geolocation systems, our drones, take off, patrol and even land back to their base station by themselves, even under the most challenging weather conditions. This means our autonomous drones provide the maximum level of continuous protection and deterrence.

Automatic Charging

When the drone lands on the base station after a mission, it charges itself in a lightning quick seven minutes before taking off ready for the next mission. This means our drones have minimum downtime and are able to stay on mission for longer.

Residential Security Drones

Residential security drones (RSDs) provide our professional security officers with a unique, tactical advantage when protecting your home. Your family will have peace of mind that your home is protected 24/7 by our always on home security drones. Our drones are always on, always on patrol and can automatically take off, land, and charge themselves.

Our drone fleet when combined with our highly trained and fully experienced operatives, offer the best protection to your loved ones lives and your property. When on patrol, drones are visible to bad actors and offer a greater deterrence over traditional based security. Thermal and night vision cameras give our drones fully operational capacity at day or at night.

Aerial Drones can cover your entire residence and instantly alert our ground-based patrols to any potential entry. Our drones can even have sirens and warning lights installed to maximise deterrence potential.

Discover why Rock Security is the premier choice from drone security companies in the UK.

Our drone security provides:

Protection from paparazzi, and unwanted attention.
Detect criminal activity and be used to counter other drones.
Detect point of entry on the property earlier in a high-risk event and offer continuous tracking.
Track number plates and pass on that information to the authorities immediately.
Deterrence through sirens, cameras, and alerts.

Event Security Drones

Aerial Drones provide a number of enhancements to event security. We can deploy drones to provide pre-event planning and intelligence, for rapid response to incidence or even to monitor live traffic for pathfinding.

Rapid response to incidents, it can feed real time intelligence to central command or to field operatives.
Can share the footage with qualified third parties, like the police or emergency services.
Can live stream transport routes and monitor upcoming traffic.
Drones can be programmed to detect weapons and other dangerous objects across hundreds of people.

Drones can be programmed to recognise locations like site boundaries, geo-fences, and vulnerable entry points. Field operatives can be informed via their phones or other devices to react and adapt to any circumstance, even if a threat is developing some distance from the main event.

Commercial Security Drones

Although you may have seen Residential security drones hit the headlines, the quickest adoption is happening in industry and commercial use. As threats increase around the world, Security services are in higher demand, increasing the costs of human based patrols.

Commercial businesses are increasingly turning to the blended approach of drone security businesses and traditional human security to lower costs and increase efficiency. Drones put themselves at risk of harm instead of human operatives in case of high-risk incidences.

Aerial drones can respond instantly to any potential risk, our drones can even be deployed with thermal or night vision cameras for low light situations. Whether it's day or night our drones can offer protection across huge industrial areas.

For large warehouses or storage units, indoor security drones can be used to supplement CCTV, providing surveillance over window openings and roof areas. Providing total coverage to your real estate and key assets.

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