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VIP Protection Duties and Responsibilities

October 24, 2022

VIP Protection Duties and Responsibilities, according to Wikipedia, a VIP is “a person who is accorded special privileges due to their high social status, influence, or importance.” Beyond the special privileges accorded to these individuals, one thing that their high social standing also attracts is security risks. In society, VIPs rank as one of the highest groups susceptible to security threats and violations. This is the major reason why VIP protection is an essential service today.

Nevertheless, there are still many questions that circle security services today. A few of the foremost ones include, What are the primary duties and responsibilities of VIP security? And if I can possibly protect myself, why is VIP security necessary?

In this article, we will be answering all these questions in detail. Our main goal is to throw a spotlight on VIP protection duties and responsibilities and enable you to understand why you may require this service today.

What are the Duties and Responsibilities of VIP Security?

The general responsibility of VIP security is to provide high level protection services to anyone who may require or request it. Oftentimes, these are VIPs such as politicians, celebrities, and business executives. Nevertheless, security operatives are always provided to anyone who has good reason to believe they are under any kind of threat.

The duties and responsibilities of VIP security encompass security protection as a whole. Very often, this means that the jobs of protection professionals extend beyond the individual. Protection officers must also keep family members and assets safe as well.

Below is a comprehensive list of all the roles and responsibilities carried out by VIP security officers.

1. Deter security threats.

The presence of VIP security personnel serves as a strong deterrent to any malicious advances or security threats. VIP guards always make themselves visible, except in special circumstances. This visibility serves to scare off or keep away any criminals or other malevolent elements. Visiblity is the no.1 deterrent in any close protection work.

2. Maintaining round-the-clock vigilance.

Another key responsibility of VIP security is to always remain vigilant and attentive. They keep an eye out for any strange situations or potential risks that may cause physical harm or other injuries to their client, the client’s family members or possessions.

It is also their duty to react swiftly to protect their clients once any threat is discovered. Sometimes, this may require them to work closely with law enforcement officers in that region.

3. Close protection.

This is the foremost duty in any VIP protection job. VIP security must always take charge of the close security of clients. They are responsible for guaranteeing their client’s personal protection against all kinds of threats and risks.

In carrying out their duty of close protection, VIP security officers usually require the use of firearms or other defensive weapons. Of course, this must be legal in whatever geographic region the security service is being provided and the security officer(s) must be highly trained to properly handle a weapon.

4. Security reports.

Following any incidents, VIP security has the responsibility to make clear reports. Most of the time, these reports are made periodically even in the absence of incidents or crisis. Reports enable the security team to assess the client’s security status, evaluate performance of past jobs and make improvements where necessary.

5. Transportation services.

VIP security also has the responsibility to provide safe and timely transportation services when applied for. In many cases, they also carry out vehicle repairs and maintenance checks to ensure the safety and roadworthiness of all vehicles used. This is essential, for example, in a VIP convoy.

In some cases, close protection services do not only transport people but also parcels. This includes carrying out messengerial duties from time to time.

6. Maintaining discretion and professionalism.

As VIP security personnel are usually in close and constant contact with the client, they will certainly encounter highly sensitive personal and professional information. Thus, they are expected to always maintain discretion, particularly with such information.

7. Performing other special duties.

Aside from the primary responsibilities of VIP security listed above, protection officers may sometimes be required to perform other special duties. This may include answering phone calls, replying to email messages, or running important errands for clients.


While a person might be able to protect themselves to some extent, VIP security are always highly trained to provide personal protection in ways that ordinary individuals are not. Your personal protection can never be airtight if you attempt to handle it on your own. Hence, VIP security is essential for the peace of mind that you are safe and protected from all security risks and potential threats.

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