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How to Lock a Door with a Sock

December 31, 2022

Life happens, we get it. In the rush of things, it is super easy to misplace possessions, especially when it is something as small as a key. So if you lose it and don’t have a key, deadbolt, door chain, or another lock mechanism to lock your door, what do you do?

The answer to that is to get creative with your security. And so in this article, we will be exploring one life hack that not many people know about: locking your door with a sock!

The first step is to find the right kind of socks. For this purpose, the best kind is a thick pair of socks. If you do not have thick socks, you can improvise by layering up a few thin socks.

The essence of this is to have something thick enough to stop the door from opening. Hence, using only one small or thin sock will not work. Your best bet is a pair of large, bulky or thick socks.

Now, there are 2 easy ways concerning how to lock a door with a sock. Here is a detailed step-by-step of each one.

Method 1: How to Lock a Door with a Sock.

Step 1: Open the door and place your sock on the door frame.

Always start this method by opening the door. Fold your sock(s) up so that it doesn’t stick out from the other side and get exposed to outsiders. Then, place it on the door frame, preferably at the top of the door frame for this method. Do not let go of the sock yet.

First, try closing the door to test that the sock is not too thick or too thin. If they are, you may need to downsize or upsize accordingly.

Step 2: Close the door.

Once you have determined that your sock size is perfect, hold the sock securely in place and close the door over it. The sock will prevent the door from opening.

Step 3: Check that your sock lock is working correctly.

If you have followed all the steps correctly, your door should be extremely difficult or impossible to open after you close it. The easiest way to test this out is to try opening the door yourself.

If it opens up easily, then your sock lock is not working correctly. Hence, you will have to readjust the sock or use a thicker one. Keep testing the sock lock until it becomes difficult or impossible to open after you close it.

Step 4: Removing the sock from the door.

This is relatively easy and only takes a few seconds. All you need to do is pull on the sock. You may need to open the door and pull on the sock concurrently. Ensure to pull hard enough, or if you need to, get help from someone else in the house.

Once you remove the sock, check to ensure that neither your door nor its frame has been chipped or damaged. For this reason, if you have a wooden door, you should only use this hack in emergencies. Using it too often might wear away the wood and cause other structural issues to your door.

Method 2: Using a Sock as a Door Stopper.

Step 1: Close your door.

Here, you will also require bulky or thick socks. For this method, begin with your door closed properly.

Step 2: Place your sock under the door.

The key here is to fold up and squeeze your sock under the door so that it gets in as far as you can push it. Ensure to do this on the side of the door that opens, not the side with the hinges.

Step 3: Check that your sock stopper is working correctly.

Try opening the door to confirm that your sock stopper works. If you have set everything up correctly, the door should stay closed when you try to open it.

Advantages of Using a Sock Lock.

Easy access to tools needed (everyone most likely has some socks at home).

Fast, easy, and effortless method.

Effective hack.

Easy to remove socks at any time.

Disadvantages of Using a Sock Lock.

Not a permanent solution.

Possibility of damage to door frame over time.

Impossible if you have just one thin sock.

Not the most secure way to lock your door.

Socks may get dirty or lose elasticity.


Knowing how to lock the door with socks is such a handy hack if you’re in a pickle and need a quick solution. So thankfully, you have read this piece and now know how to lock a door with a sock! However, always keep in mind that although less easily accessible, there are more secure ways to lock your door in such emergencies. But if all you have is some socks, you are still perfectly good to go.

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